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What do we do?

Mission provides start ups and non-profits with innovative medical device product development services for both the developed and developing world

Mark Fisher founded Mission with 30+ years of product development experience including 15 years at the innovation and product development firm IDEO leading their medical device efforts. Mark also helped to found a medical diagnostics non-profit dedicated to providing low cost, high quality medical products designed specifically for the needs of the developing world.  Mark also teaches medical device entrepreneurship, design thinking, and product development at Northwestern University.  He is also a member of multiple start up boards supporting and coaching health care entrepreneurs.  Mark has deep expertise in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, user-centered design, design thinking, prototyping, conceptual design and systems design.  Mark holds over 30 issued patents and several pending.  Mark leads every project at Mission.


Many projects require other expertise including electrical engineering, software, industrial design or business design. Mark maintains a deep network of partners to compliment our in-house expertise.  If a project has manufacturing or engineering at its core, Mission can put together a highly experienced team to match your needs.

Mission's values

1. All successful products must satisfy the needs of users, the market and the business.   

2. We believe in developing multiple concepts quickly, prototyping them appropriately, testing fast, and iterating.  No one (including Mission) can create the perfect design the first time.  The key is to design a process that allows rapid iteration to arrive at the best solution quickly.

3. Concepts must be tested across all the requirements including user needs, technical requirements, market and business needs before bringing the final concept into final development. 

4. Manufacturing needs to be considered in all phases of design to assure long term quality and low costs.

5. Our clients have deep expertise in a number of areas.  Successful projects result from deep collaboration between the client's and Mission's team.


me. It's easy.

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